I like the few times a year when companies offer me free stuff. This time I had the opportunity to make my own photobook. I’ve decided to put together my favorite pictures and arts from my two blogs. I’ve titled it ”Oh, you fancy huh? VS Dope boy”. On the back cover, I put every songs I like in the moment. I’m really happy with the result. Call it narcissistic if you want, I guess it is a little, but I think it’s a really great way to remember who I was.  

I’ve played with chemicals during hours today and I just realised on my way back home that I forgot to wash my fucking hands WHILE scraching my eye because allergies and now it feels really itchy but I don’t now if it’s just because of the pollen or the chemicals arhhhh I want to throw wather at my face I’m totally going to be blind from one eye in 5 minutes.

J’avais pour mission d’aller acheter un Hot Wheels pour mon petit voisin. J’lui ai acheté le “Grave Digger” parce que c’était clairement le plus badass.

I can’t do nothing about it. I guess I just have to keep my mouth shut. I don’t know. I don’t fucking know. I want to talk to someone. Secrets are killing me. But I can’t because they wouldn’t understand.

When you don’t text me back immediately, I freak out. I think your dead. I think about your funerals and shit like that.

Will you ever go? Will you ever do it? It’s been months now and we are just turning around.

I’m tired. I’m happy but tired.

It’s hot outside, today. It’s nice.