PLEASE READ : Him & Her are a bunch of thiefs

Hi, my name is Olivier and I’m a canadian artist.

I’ve published a picture of my girlfriend and I one month ago, which got viral on tumblr and is now pretty much everywhere on the internet. I don’t want fame, I don’t want credit and I don’t want to make money out of my productions. My art is a part of me, not a profession.

By doing a research on google, I found that a clothes company called Him & Her use pictures of different artists for promotional purposes for their new clothing lines. They modify the pictures, add some things on it and finally post them on their facebook page. Him & Her have stolen my picture for their new Love Fools collection, for Autumn and Winter 2013.

I have absolutely no copyright on my art and I don’t want any. I don’t mind if people use my art as profile picture or cellphone background. I don’t mind either if people share my art on other social networks like Pinterest or Twitter, even if I’m not credited.

But Him & Her make money out of my picture. That is a total blasphemy to me. It totally goes in contradiction with my values and the meaning of my art. I’ve sent them a message, saying I would like to be credited and that they have to put a link to the original picture (the source). They never respond. They just kept publishing more modified and stolen pieces of art on their facebook page. I feel like I have no power against that and it makes me want to puke.

I still don’t want a copyright on the right bottom part of what I post on the internet. I just want to, like many other artists, be respected. Him & Her don’t.

Please take a look at their Facebook page.

Him & Her Facebook page :

Original picture :